AK’s Productive Jams Playlist – Week of 5/7

AK’s Productive Jams Playlist for the week of May 7th:

So many big changes going on at work. I transferred from one client to another, the new client being GENERAL MOTORS! Which was recently acquired by iProspect as a client, so this involved a huge launch once we took over the business. Let’s just say, I’ve been VERY busy and in need of some serious productive music. Check out some of the songs I’ve had on rotation in this week’s playlist!

Spotify Playlist Link*

Second Chance by Peter Bjorn And John
Don’t Stop (Color On The Walls) by Foster The People
Wild Ones by Flo Rida featuring Sia
Lights – Fernando Garibay Remix by Ellie Goulding
Feel So Close by Calvin Harris

I found out that David Guetta (whom I gushed about in March) was involved in a remix/extended version of the Wild Ones track by Flo Rida. If you aren’t quite into the hip-hop-ness of Flo Rida check out Wild One Two by Jack Back & David Guetta. It’s a more melodic-slower paced version but still has Sia’s amazing vocals and a steady beat, I suggest giving it a listen to as you’re pluggin’ away at a task.

Add a few of these jams or a couple from the last few posts (here and here) to your playlist and let me know what you think! Also, comment and let me know any suggestions you may have to add to my music rotation.

* ADVISORY: Music may contain explicit content or language which some listeners may find objectionable. MsAmberKing.com tries to provide only edited versions of songs, if no other version is available, leaves the choice to the users whether or not to listen to what is provided. The opinions, content or language expressed in these songs does not necessarily reflect the views of Amber King.

Amber suggests listening to songs on headphones prior to, say, exposing small children or your grandmother’s bingo group to the above playlist.

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